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Sean Davies

Kamden Life - Community Regulations

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Kamdan Life - Community Regulations


Section One - Requirements to join

This section applies to all users on any of our platforms.

In order to obtain access to "Kamdan Life" you must own a legal copy of ArmA III as well as a functioning microphone. All users must be able to understand English to an acceptable level and be able to read and understand the Community Regulations. In order to gain access to "Kamdan Life"’s game server you must register on the community forums and join "Kamdan Life"’s teamspeak server. It is highly recommended that users record or live stream their game sessions in order to reduce support response time and minimise conflict and rule breaking. The leadership team reserves the right to revoke access to our platforms as they deem necessary. By creating a forum account you agree to "Kamdan Life"’s terms of service.


Section Two - Community Regulations

This section applies to all users on any of our platforms.

  1. Throughout "Kamdan Life"’s platforms the use, distribution and/or creation of racist, homophobic, sexist, prejudiced, disrespectful or any other content that could be deemed harmful is prohibited.

  2. The distribution of pornographic material is prohibited. 

  3. Personally threatening any users within our community is prohibited.

  4. Impersonating another member of the community is prohibited.

  5. Deliberately inciting drama that could cause harm to the community is not permitted.

  6. The use of software or hardware that could be used to exploit, harm or gain an advantage on any of our platforms is prohibited.

  7. Actions that violate the Twitch Terms of Service and Rules of Conduct are strictly prohibited.

  8. Advertising other communities is not permitted.

  9. Leaking conversations with staff members is not permitted (unless the staff member agrees).

  10. Do not harass anyone on any of our platforms. This includes but not limited to the use of overly offensive slurs, spam poke/messaging, mass poke/messaging, witch hunting and outside game threats.


Section Three - Teamspeak & Discord Regulations

This section applies to all users on our Teamspeak & Discord server.

  1. Do not spam other users.

  2. Altering your voice with a voice changer is only permitted in a role-play scenario and only if the altered voice is not unrealistic (if in doubt speak to a Moderator).

  3. Your Teamspeak name must match your forum and in-game name.

  4. Sharing recording of any channel within the Teamspeak is only permitted with permission from the leadership team, faction leader or channel owner.

  5. You must remain in the TaskForceRadio channel at all times when on the server (unless engaged in a Support situation.


Section Four - Game Server Regulations

This section applies to all users on our game server, regardless of their faction.

  1. All forms of glitching, hacking or exploiting (whether using third party software or an in-game exploit) is not permitted. If you find a new exploit it is your duty to report it to the development team.

  2. Random Death Matching (RDM) - the act of purposely killing individuals for no valid role-play reason - is prohibited.

  3. Vehicle Death Matching (VDM) - the act of purposely killing individuals with vehicles for no valid role-play reason - is prohibited.

  4. Meta-gaming - an “out of character” action where a player’s character makes use of out of game knowledge - is prohibited.

  5. Asset Gaming - to perform an action such as restraining a user you must have a relevant physical asset (e.g. handcuffs or zip-ties). An exception can be made when working around a bug.

  6. Combat logging - the act of forcefully and intentionally disconnecting from the game server when engaged in a role-play scenario - is prohibited.

    1. Users must remain on the server for fifteen (15) mins after completing a role-play scenario.

    2. If a user unintentionally disconnects; they should contact the users involved in the active role-playing scenario and continue the situation if they agree that it is necessary.

  7. Trolling - the act of disturbing other players for no reason - is prohibited.

  8. Baiting/griefing other players to interact with you is not permitted.

  9. All actions must be logical. Do not crawl through locked doors or interact with assets to create an abnormal situation.

  10. Users are not allowed to disrupt the EMS faction while they are on-duty.

  11. You cannot return to the location where you died within ten (10) minutes or if the scenario is still ongoing.

  12. You may not return to collect your items or vehicle if you were downed and bled out, you may return if you died due to natural causes. (Natural Causes being something random but not if you were killed by another player).

  13. You must remain in character at all times and value the importance of your life. Do not act unrealistically; for each crime there is always an underlying reason.

  14. Excessive criminal activity or behaviour deemed harmful to our server is not permitted.

  15. If you are revived by the EMS faction, you must remain in their custody and follow their instructions.

  16. Individuals that are wearing a mask that covers all facial features cannot be identified by name or sound until they either give you their ID, their ID is taken by law enforcement or their mask is removed.

  17. English is the only permitted language on the server.

  18. Idling for more than thirty (30) minutes is prohibited.

  19. The action of purposefully colliding with another object using an aircraft in order to cause damage or harm. Including but not limited to buildings, aircraft, vehicles, watercraft, and other players is strictly prohibited.

  20. Reviving a player just to rob them is not permitted.

  21. You may not revive people during a combat situation, you must wait at least 2 minutes after the last shot, or for the situation to be over. If it is a major crime you can not revive until you're no more cops will respond or all civilians are dead.

  22. You may not intentionally destroy another user’s vehicle.

  23. You may not harm either parties of negotiators during negotiations in any shape or form. 

  24. Smashing go-pro's is defined as removing someone's video evidence from being admissible in court/IA or in character, to smash someone's GoPro you have to either Crash tackle or knock out the person. (Note you do not have to stop recording but the footage is void. This does not apply to Support cases.)


Section Five - Civilian Regulations

This section refers to all civilians in our server.

  1. No crime zones (also referred to as green zones) are approximately thirty (10) feet around all interactable objects that block the vision of your screen, anywhere marked on the map as a greenzone and faction headquarters. The Prison, player owned homes, the wheel menu, and inventories are exempt from this regulation. The bank is also exempt once the drill has been started.

  2. In the event a roleplay situation is initiated outside a no crime zone, and a player flees to a no crime zone, the no crime zone becomes void for all parties involved in the situation until the situation is resolved.

  3. You are not permitted to utilize faction vehicles unless the vehicle is discovered outside of a no-crime zone unlocked. Fire trucks, ambulances are exempt from this regulation and cannot be utilised without permission from a member of faction command.

  4. Interacting with a vehicle within ten (10) seconds of the driver exiting or it being unlocked without the operator's explicit permission is prohibited.

  5. If the server restarts whilst you are detained or restrained, you have to go back to the police department after the restart unless told otherwise by your arresting officer.

  6. You cannot steal police, EMS or other gang’s uniforms. You are permitted to take weapons and other gear (exception - faction radio).

  7. You CANNOT force someone to take money out of their bank account. 

  8. You cannot shoot into a redzone from outside, you also cannot shoot out from a red zone. Once the red zone is gone initiation is ongoing for another five (5) minutes. 

  9. You may not rob or take the same person hostage in a time span of twenty (20) minutes.


Section Six - Initiation Regulations

This section applies to all players on our game server.

  1. Roleplay initiation must occur prior to any aggressive action being taken. All initiation must be verbal and within roleplay. If during the course of the roleplay situation you are fired at, tied up, ran over or S-1’nd then you are considered initiated into the situation and don't need to proceed verbally.

  2. You must provide a consequence during initiation.

  3. You must have a weapon to initiate.

  4. You only kill without initiation if:- 

    1. Someone in your group (wearing the same uniform) initiates on the person or people.

    2. The person has knocked out yourself or a group member.

    3. The person initiated is in your faction and they have definitive indicators that they're in your faction (e.g. KSP writing on their clothing, or gang markings).

    4. They have stolen your vehicle and you were 10 meters from the vehicle.

    5. You have attempted to call them on air frequency (60.3) at least 3 times and told them they will be shot down (KSP only) (Major cities, Prison and Airports only)

    6. It is martial law and a civilian/rebel has an upholstered weapon within city limits. (Cops only)

    7. The civilian/rebel has a class 3 or 2 upholstered on DOC Island or bridge.

  5. You must be in an active pursuit to spike a vehicle (at least 1 minute with lights and sirens audible).

  6. You must give the user you are initiating against at least ten (10) seconds to comply with your demands

  7. Initiation lasts during a combat situation and ten (10) minutes after the last shot has been fired.

  8. Initiation must be done in person and cannot be done over the radio, phone or text.

  9. If you run someone over as part of initiation you must wait ten (10) seconds before you proceed.


Section Seven - Faction Regulations

This section applies to all law enforcement, justice, and rescue divisions in our server.

  1. Detectives may have a second Teamspeak account in order to hide their identity but this must only be used while performing undercover duties.

  2. Medics are a neutral faction and most not favour any side in an situation (exception: in court when giving a testimony in court)

  3. Volunteer EMS from the KSP are the same as their Police character and therefore can be accountable for the actions of their EMS character.

  4. Police must call EMS in the event a suspect has been downed.

  5. Police must respond to situations with fair numbers. For major crime the recommended is 1:2 Civ:Cop.

  6. Faction and civilian names must be unique from each other.

  7. Police must value the lives of innocent civilians.

  8. SWAT & CID may not sell police weapons.

  9. Internal Affairs and High Command must never be corrupt.


Section Eight - Major crime Regulations

This section applies to all users taking part in major crimes (whether civilian or police).

  1. Major crimes are defined as:

    1. Bank Robbery

    2. Federal Reserve

    3. Hostage situation

    4. DOC/ Evidence Locker Raid

  2. The follow are the required number police that must be online in order to commit a major crime:

    1. Bank Robbery (+4)

    2. Federal Reserve (+8)

    3. Hostage Situation (+6)

    4. DOC/ Evidence Locker Raid (+8)

  3. Civilians are required to declare externals (max 2), limited to 1km away from the major crime.

  4. Police are required to attempt negotiations with suspects.

  5. Demands made by civilians must be reasonable.

  6. If negotiations are called off you must wait at least ten (10) for an escalation to take place (example police raid, shooting).

  7. You cannot intervene in a major crime if you or members of your gang are not involved with the situation before negotiations are called off.


Section Nine - Temporary Regulations

This section contains regulations that are in place as a reaction to ongoing issues that the server may be facing. It will be stated in the individual rule who the rule applies for.


Section Ten - Staff Regulations

This section refers to all staff members.

"Kamdan Life"’s staff are fully accountable to the rules and regulations. Alongside following all the community rules and regulations they enforce, staff must remain respectful and professional at all times, towards all members, players, and guests. Staff are not permitted to undertake support or situations in which they have direct involvement. They must instead seek another unbiased staff member that is senior to them or a member of the leadership team.


Attribution -

The Community Regulations written by Sean Davies and approved by the Senior Leadership and Management Team. These rules are subject to change at any point, therefore it is essential you check regularly. All changes will be marked in orange.

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