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  1. Cam Shoreline 03/11/2003 EU GMT 76561199036449995 I would like to join the staff team because it has been a long time since I was on the staff side of an Arma 3 server, when I did fill a role like this on a community it was the moment I fell in love with Arma 3, I enjoyed spending my time in support, resolving cases, bugs and disputes. After doing that for a while, I got to shadow administrators round on PhoenixRP whilst in the role of moderator, observing, learning and then eventually doing as an administrator, until I finally reached the head of the staff team role. Anyways, the point of that little backstory was to show that I have been there and done it and I've enjoyed it every time I have done it since, I love being a face for the community that I am representing and as I am just recently getting back into Arma 3, and Bandit sent me this invite I thought this was a good idea. I want to be a part of a community that actually listens to their members, is willing to work on the server rather than release a half finished product. I feel as though I'd be a good choice over other applicants because of my experience that will be listed below this paragraph, but in my opinion there are so many more factors that can be considered when looking for staff members, e.g. references, reputation within the community and that sort of thing. I feel as though when it comes to those things, I have a good standing within the Arma 3 community as a whole as well as the experience to try and help navigate the waters when it comes to starting a new server. Considering I was around when PhoenixRP was 'Project Phoenix' the takistan server, and I watched it for two years as a member of their team, rise to popularity and fall to few players, I know to expect and how to help counter losing those players. I also am aware that when staff do break rules, mistakenly or not, I understand the importance of them receiving equal punishment, especially if the incident is really public, to show fairness. Resigned: ALRP - SA TAKILIFE - HA USG - A I have no previous bans or points on the community I believe my weakness is, being too lenient, the way I see it, everyone deserves a chance to play the server, and they want to otherwise they wouldn't bother, sometimes I think that it's better to educate rather than punish, and of course, sometimes that can be the incorrect choice, I feel as though my strength is the fact that I am honest and willing to ask for help. I often know what I am doing, but if I think I could do it better or need help with something I'm always happy to ask, so I can improve myself. I understand the rights SLT have with regards to my position should you choose to accept me
  2. Name: Sean Lannister DOB: 03/11/2003 Region: EU Timezone: GMT Steam64: 76561199036449995 DiscordID#0000: Cameron#3355 Why do you want to join KSP? (100 Words Minimum): I wish to join the Kamdan State Police for many different reasons. Fists one is to help protect the civilians and anyone one who needs me and second is i hate to see people just killing innocent civs and if i get a job i the police force i will do everything i can do to help protect and keep the Roleplay going and i am good at comms and know when to be quiet and iam pre good at roleplaying as a cop and lastly i am on arma 3 alot and dont have a main server yet so i will mainly be on this server Why should you be chosen over other applicants? (100 Words Minimum): I think i should be chosen over others cause i am a great leader and i also pre good at roleplay and combat i will come on cop if i am needed i am great at comms and work well with others and hope to help train people to become better and enjoy there time and i will take this server serious when needed and i am a pre good drive just in case we need to do a pursuit of a criminal and i will always follow the rules and will make sure every cop also follows Roleplay and the rules Do you have any other previous experience within a Police Department, if so please state them here: Dark Side: Police force Straya gaming: Constable

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