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  1. Bug is caused by the 2.0 ArmA Update... I'll look into it but might just be a case of waiting for the mod creator to update the mods.
  2. Jake Davies

    ATMs are trash

    Thank you for the report, I have fixed that specific ATM and added some more around Huddersfield, as for the map markers maybe add a suggestion and allow people to voice their opinions on the matter.
  3. Thank you for your report, this is fixed and will be implemented in the next update.
  4. Name: Jake Davies DOB: 26/05/2000 Region: Europe Timezone: BST Steam64: 76561198831971165 DiscordID#0000: Mr. X#6161 Why do you want to join Staff?: I am interested in joining the staff team for many different reasons but the main ones being, because I want to be there when the Kamdan Life community grows and I think I can help keep the community on the right track by keeping any immature and/or rule breaking players in check. I enjoy doing anything I can to help others and I feel I can best do this as a staff member. I have a lot of past experience at being a staff member in multiple other communities on multiple different games etc and I would like to bring that experience to Kamdan Life. Why should you be chosen over other applicants?: I think I should be chosen over other applicants because I have experience on multiple servers across different games and I won’t have any issues managing my time to allow me to play on the server and be a valuable staff member at the same time. During support cases I will be able to take a non biased approach making sure that the correct outcome is achieved and both sides are happy or at the very least understand the conclusion that was made. I am also a very cool-headed person allowing me to keep composed even with 5 different people shouting at me trying to get each of their points across. Skills & Weaknesses: Strengths: Good communication, Mature and very cool-headed Weaknesses: Diabetes? Could mean I may not be able to come on at certain times. Do you have any previous experience within a staff position: Yes I have been staff in many different servers on ArmA 3/2 and other games. Do you currently hold any points or previous bans on the server: No. Do you understand that SLT+ reserves the right to remove anyone who they deem unfit for staff: Yes I understand.

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