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  2. BAN APPEALS - FORUM RULES In order to keep the Ban appeals threads under control and prevent them from getting out of control we have implemented new rules regarding posting. We do understand people that want to express their opinion, but on the Ban appeals threads this usually doesn't end in a professional manner and quickly spirals leading to arguments and low quality replies. Rules Only people directly involved with the unban request/incident are allowed to reply on the Thread. Try to have evidence supporting your claims, if you want to comment on an unban request then please have evidence to support your claims. 'Bumping' your own unban request by posting in it or asking for staff to look at it will result in warning points. This means you had to be in-game with the person when the incident happened, either grouped up with the person in question or within a 500M radius and witnessed the incident, if you were merely on TeamSpeak you are NOT allowed to post. *Staff members are excluded from these rules. Warning & punishment If a member decides to ignore the rules and continues to post they will given a warning, upon receiving a third warning their forum account will be banned for a week. If a member continues to ignore the rules they will be banned in-game as well.
  3. We're sorry that something has happened causing you to lose your hard-earned money and/or items. We have a simple compensation request form you need to fill out, but please be mindful of the following terms: We will compensate for -Deaths/Money/Item loss due to bugs/glitches -Deaths/Theft due to rule violations* -House items/housing issues due to bugs -Hacker attacks -Unannounced Server Restarts/Crashes We will not compensate for: -Unprocessed items -Deaths due to legitimate gunfire/violence -Deaths due to misadventure (Clicking eject, falling off a tower/building, jumping out of a moving vehicle) -Requests with no valid evidence -a gif is not sufficient we need incident through to respawn - WITH SOUND. -Any loss due to an announced/regular server restart *For rule violations, a report is required. However if you do not want to report the player, you will need to get comp from the person involved..
  4. If you wish to report a bug, create a topic in this section of the forum, if it is to do with an Exploit/Duping please do not post details, a member of staff will contact you. Do not reply to someone else's topic with a new bug, and do not put multiple bugs on 1 topic, this is to make it as easy as possible for us to rectify any issues.
  5. Looking for new talents Being a part of Kamdan Life development team Kamdan Life is expanding its development team with new opening positions allowing members to get involved. The TRF project has grown a lot and until now we've kept most development in-house (staff members only), but with some of the upcoming plans for 2020 we'll need more hands to put our ideas into reality. It is expected that any applicant functions well within a team, that means being able to handle critic and constructive feedback so all the finished products we release matches the already high standards. There will also be some deadlines that have to be met, but the daily workflow is not expected to be many hours or anything like that, it's not considered a job more like a hobby. The perks of being involved with the development team is obviously inside news on upcoming projects and also being able to have some influence on the projects, where you'll get to work with a team that has professionalism and also fun at times. You'll most likely be able to expand your knowledge within certain areas and even acquire whole new talents that can be used later in life. This is a perfect opportunity to give to the community and gain experience at the same time. These positions are currently open and we're very keen on having them filled as soon as possible: Full stack developer Texture artist We're also interested in hearing from people that have other talents that aren't listed above as we're always looking to expand. Please be aware that ArmA scripting/in-game development has very high standards and we're not planning to expand on this front (exceptions can be made for exceptional applications, but please don't expect anything). Most cases the new developers will be working on a closed development environment that doesn't contain anything but whatever is needed for the given task. Further down the line some developers might gain more access to some projects and that might even involve signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement beforehand. Full Stack Developer As a Full stack developer here on Kamdan Life, you'll be focusing on improving, designing and add new features to our current website infrastructure. Next to our current infrastructure you'll be part of a team focusing on the newest and latest projects. Skills & requirements: Experience with PHP 5.x / 7+. Experience with HTML(5), CSS(3) and Bootstrap. Experience with JavaScript. Experience with MySQL or relational databases (MariaDB). Experience with (3rd Party) API Services. Experience with Git or equivalent. Texture artist As a Texture artist here on Kamdan Life you'll be working alongside the in-game development team where textures will be required for some future projects. This position will grant you some inside information which you'll have to keep to yourself. We already have a lot of textures in-game, where we've aimed towards the perfect middle-ground between quality and file size, so we can get the absolute best quality without pushing the mission file too much. Skills & requirements: Experience with textures (Doesn't necessarily have to be ArmA). Able to deliver a high-quality final product that doesn't take up too much size. Able to think out of the box and be creative for some textures. Where do I apply? The application form is handled through the forums where you fill it out, tell us something about yourself and the expertise that you want to put to use. We don't have any plans on closing this form, we just want to get as many good applicants as possible and then whenever we get a really outstanding application that's fitting for one of the empty roles we'll reach out.
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    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation

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